Siliconization Line

Suitable to:

  • increase gliding performance between glass and internal components (e.g. rubber parts)
  • improve liquid solution flow inside the container (reducing “dead volume” issues)
  • create a barrier effect between drugs and glass containers (as indicated by recent scientific articles)
  • the most common sprayed material are: silicon emulsion or silicon oil


Process optimizing features:

  • pre-heating lehr with electrical heating system
  • independent delivery system per each spray nozzle
  • high accuracy volumetric pumps
  • dedicated spray nozzle geometry to ensure silicon and air flows, to uniformly distribute the silicon onto the internal surface of the glass product
  • baking lehr with electrical or gas heating system. The baking lehr can be installed in the siliconization line or can be an independent equipment, depending on the type of silicon used
  • flexible process and equipment to handle any coating material and specifications of the final products
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